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2014 Chevrolet 1500 Express Wheelchair,Handicap Accessible Van

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2013 Wheelchair 0141372789144_2013 Wheelchair 014.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0141372789144_2013 Wheelchair 014.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0041372789082_2013 Wheelchair 004.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0051372789084_2013 Wheelchair 005.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0061372789086_2013 Wheelchair 006.JPG
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2013 Wheelchair 0081372789095_2013 Wheelchair 008.JPG
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2013 Wheelchair 0181372789154_2013 Wheelchair 018.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0191372789156_2013 Wheelchair 019.JPG
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2013 Wheelchair 0211372789160_2013 Wheelchair 021.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0221372789163_2013 Wheelchair 022.JPG
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2013 Wheelchair 0241372789167_2013 Wheelchair 024.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0251372789170_2013 Wheelchair 025.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0261372789180_2013 Wheelchair 026.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0271372789183_2013 Wheelchair 027.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0281372789185_2013 Wheelchair 028.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0291372789188_2013 Wheelchair 029.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0301372789190_2013 Wheelchair 030.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0311372789194_2013 Wheelchair 031.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0321372789196_2013 Wheelchair 032.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0331372789199_2013 Wheelchair 033.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0341372789203_2013 Wheelchair 034.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0351372789207_2013 Wheelchair 035.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0361372789210_2013 Wheelchair 036.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0371372789211_2013 Wheelchair 037.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0381372789214_2013 Wheelchair 038.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0391372789216_2013 Wheelchair 039.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0401372789219_2013 Wheelchair 040.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0411372789223_2013 Wheelchair 041.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0421372789226_2013 Wheelchair 042.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0431372789228_2013 Wheelchair 043.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0441372789231_2013 Wheelchair 044.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0451372789233_2013 Wheelchair 045.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0461372789236_2013 Wheelchair 046.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0471372789238_2013 Wheelchair 047.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0481372789262_2013 Wheelchair 048.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0491372789273_2013 Wheelchair 049.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0501372789277_2013 Wheelchair 050.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0511372789280_2013 Wheelchair 051.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0521372789283_2013 Wheelchair 052.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0531372789286_2013 Wheelchair 053.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0541372789290_2013 Wheelchair 054.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0551372789292_2013 Wheelchair 055.JPG
2013 Wheelchair 0561372789295_2013 Wheelchair 056.JPG

2014 G.M. Explorer "X-S.E." Luxury Conversion Mobility Van,choose from the Ricon Clearway lift or the Braun UVL (Undercarriage Lift). If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury conversions this is the vehicle for you.Standard features include Sport Roof (hi-top)with built in LCD flat panel tv,dvd,wireless headphones and game station hook ups.Other standard features include premium leather seating with heated seats,power lumbar and six-way power functions.The van comes trimmed in your choice of walnut or Denali wood.The solid wood trim accents the dash,door panels,side walls and ceiling throughout this spacious interior.The van comes equiped with a center cooler, a power sofa that folds down into a bed. Central air and heat with dual climate controls are standard features. Exterior features include upgraded 20inch wheels,ground effects and a billete inserted grill.The "X" S.E. is truly the ultimate in mobility conversions.This is the only van on the market with cargo doors on both sides(four doors)for easy entry.Call our representative for further details including optional items such as Navigation system and back-up camera,commercial grade flooring. Priced at $68,995.00(after mobility rebate)with Ricon Clear-Away wheelchair lift on Chevrolet 1500 chassis,or ask about the Undercarriage "UVL" on 3/4 ton 2500 with 6 liter V-8. These vans are available on Chevrolet, GMC, and Ford Chassis. Call for details at 1-877-370-8333 Wheelchair vans, handicap van, accessible van. The van is shown with optional raised side doors add $4,500.00

*Ricon Wheel Chair Lift, *Tie Downs, 26' TV, 4 Door Model: Entry Both Sides, Back Up Sensor, C/D Player, Center Ice Chest with Drink Holders, Chrome Mesh Grille, Cup Holders, Dual A/C, Dual Power Lumbar Seating, DVD, Electric Sun Roof, Fog Lights, Full Power, Ground Effects, Heated Seats, Hi-Gloss Wood, Indirect Lights, Keyless Entry, Power Driver and Passenger Seats, Power Mirrors, Power Sofa Bed, Power windows/Locks, Premium Leather Seating, Premium Leather Seats, Raised Doors (Optional), Raised Roof, Rear A/C, Removable Middle Captain Seat, Running Boards, Soft Blinds, Wireless headphones


Classic Vans is the largest conversion van dealer in the country with years of experience selling and servicing the finest vans in the country. At Classic vans all of our vans come with a warranty and are certified. We ship our  vans nationwide to your home or office. Please call our sales for complete details at 866-370-8222


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Interior Color
Grey Leather
Engine Type
Explorer Ltd
Body Type
Handicap Van
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Explorer conversion, handicap van, leather, moonroof, raised top, leather, flat screen TV
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